BRC - Learn 2 Ride Beginner RiderCourse

The Learn2Ride BRC - Beginner RiderCourse is a 2-day beginner motorcycle rider training and NYS DMV Road Test Waiver program for those with very little or no experience in riding a motorcycle. It is a combination online, classroom, and hands-on riding program which introduces and practices the physical and mental skills necessary to ride a motorcycle.

The Basic RiderCourse is scheduled for 16 hours (in addition to the 3-hour online course prerequisite). Multiple classes are offered at Monroe Community College each year beginning in April and ending in September or October.

Course Components:

1. Online Course Prerequisite (Mandatory). Click here for more information. 

2. Classroom: An electronically supported classroom session using small work group with facilitated, interactive learning activities focuses on perception development and situational awareness to further develop the mental skills necessary for street riding.  At the end of the Classroom Session, the Knowledge test will be administered. 

3. Hands-on Riding Exercises: (approximately 5 hours each day)

Day 1 - Each riding exercise has specific objectives that must be achieved to continue.

Day 2 - At the end of the riding exercises, the riding skill evaluation is conducted. 

Successful Completion Requirements: 

1. Complete online course and provide course completion certificate.

2. Complete classroom session and pass knowledge test (initial or retest).

3. Complete hands-on riding exercises and pass a skill evaluation (initial or retest). 

General Information:

  • Motorcycles are provided.

  • Cost is $310 due at time or registration. Registration must be done online here

  • Class Locations: 

Check your confirmation and report to either: 

Monroe Community College's Applied Technologies Center

2485 West Henrietta Road,

Rochester, NY 14623


Monroe Community College's Brighton Campus

1000 East Henrietta Road

Rochester, NY  14623


  • Participation in this course requires the ability to ride a bicycle, physical stamina, motor coordination, mental alertness, and meeting the objectives of the riding exercises.

  • The riding exercises are physically demanding. You will be required to push the motorcycle while straddling it.

  • Arrive on time, prepared and ready to ride. There is no grace period allowed, and if you are late you will forfeit your tuition.

  • Minimum height recommendation is 5 feet. If in doubt, contact Learn 2 Ride, Inc. at (585) 615-7433 prior to registration. You may need to make arrangements to 'try on' one of our motorcycles prior to class. (You must be able to sit with both feet flat on the ground. If you arrive at class and cannot do this, no refund will be given.)

  • There is no guarantee of successful completion and there are no refunds once the course begins. 

  • Classes run rain or shine and in extreme heat. 

  • To participate in this course, you must have a valid NYS or out-of-state driver's license. (No DUI restriction, suspensions, revocations, ID cards or driver's learner permits.)

  • You must be 16 years of age or older and possess a current, valid NYS driver's license. If you are 16 or 17, you must bring a parent or legal guardian to the first session to sign permission paperwork.

  • A NYS motorcycle learner's permit should be obtained from the NYS DMV prior to attending. The permit is not required to be eligible for registration or attendance, but is required to be eligible for the Road Test Waiver of the NYS DMV Road Test. If you do not have a permit, you may take the course, but understand that you must obtain a permit from DMV to be eligible for the Road Test Waiver of the NYS DMV Road Test. 

  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a NYS specific Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card. You present this card, along with your current, valid motorcycle learner's permit and current, valid driver's license at a DMV to qualify for the Road Test Waiver option and have your license upgraded.

  • If you posses an out-of-NYS license, your state of residence may recognize the NYS Motorcycle Safety Foundation Completion Card as a Road Test Waiver. Contact your state's DMV to find out.

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