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ePackage 1 Online Course Information

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation requires taking the eP1 online course which you must complete prior to attending your in-person class at MCC.  


  • Use a laptop or desktop to take the course. It may not work on phones and tablets.


  • The online course can be completed in approximately 5 hours.


  • At the end of each section, there is a quiz. You can retake the quiz as often as needed and must score 80% before you can move on to the next section. You must pass all 12 sections to access your Certificate of Completion.


  • You do not need to complete the course all at once. If you save your work before you exit the course, you can pick up at the beginning of the section where you left off when you re-access it.


  • Make sure you have access to a printer; the Course Completion Certificate needs to be printed WITHIN 30 DAYS of attending your scheduled course dates at MCC. 

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